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JOHNSON'S Baby Lotion Pure & Gentle Daily Care 500mL

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BRAND CHECK: Johnson & Johnson has historically emphasized innovation in the healthcare sector. This includes the development of new pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer healthcare products aimed at addressing unmet medical needs and improving patient outcomes.

Welcome to a world of pure and gentle care—introducing Johnson's Baby Lotion Pure & Gentle Daily Care, a 500-milliliter bottle of love crafted for your precious one.
• Unlock the secret to baby-soft skin with this lotion's pure and gentle formulation, specially designed for the delicate touch of your little one. It's not just lotion; it's a hydrating masterpiece, infused with essential ingredients to provide lasting moisture and keep your baby's skin irresistibly soft and supple.
• Picture this: a lightweight and non-greasy texture that glides on like a dream, making application a breeze and absorption swift. No more waiting—just instant nourishment for your baby's delicate skin. This isn't your average lotion; it's a daily moisturizing routine in a bottle, perfect for keeping your baby's skin healthy and happy.
But wait, there's more. After a soothing bath, indulge your baby with a touch of pampering. Lock in that post-bath moisture, leaving your little one's skin feeling nourished and oh-so-kissable. And here's the magical touch—transform each application into a gentle massage, creating precious moments of bonding and relaxation for you and your baby.
• Beyond the surface, Johnson's Baby Lotion Pure & Gentle Daily Care is a cradle cap solution. If your little one has a delicate scalp, this lotion provides relief, making those moments of care and concern a thing of the past.
• Embrace the purity of care with Johnson's Baby Lotion Pure & Gentle Daily Care—a daily dose of love in a 500-milliliter bottle. Because for your baby, every drop matters, and every touch is an expression of the purest care. So, dive into the joy of caring for your little one's skin—soft, gentle, and oh-so-tender. It's not just lotion; it's a celebration of love, one milliliter at a time.
• This product was imported directly from United States!


• Gently nourishes baby's delicate skin
• Clinically proven mild formula
• Free from parabens, phthalates, dyes, and harsh fragrances
• Locks in moisture and supports healthy skin development
• Hypoallergenic


• Skin-nurturing glycerin
• Hypoallergenic formula
• 24-hour hydration


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