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Chopsticks 1 Pack

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Do you know how to used Chopstick?

BACKGROUND CHECK: The Rietz Collection of Food Technology, housed at the California Academy of Sciences, asserts that chopsticks originated in China some 5,000 years ago. Twigs used to remove food from cooking pans were likely the oldest types.

• This product comes with disposable chopstick for 1 package!
• For a safer, tidier, and more hygienic dining experience, these top quality chopsticks are individually wrapped and completely sealed in plastic wrapping.
• The premium chopsticks we offer are lightweight, robust, and simple to use. You'll find these chopsticks pleasant to use and easy to grip whether you're a seasoned chopstick user or a beginner. A good dinner is made by good chopsticks.
• The Chinese, Japanese, and many other Asian nations utilize chopsticks as their primary eating tools.
• When eating dumplings, hotpot, chow mein, steamed fish, ramen, sushi, or any other Japanese or Chinese food, use chopsticks. Nearly anything may be eaten with chopsticks!


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