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PLA Straws 1 Pack

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Want to stock straws in your cabin? Well, we have this disposable straw for you by PLA!

HISTORY: The Sumerians of Mesopotamia are credited for using straws first, around 3000 BC. Beer was made in big vats, too heavy to handle and pass about, so they drank it through straws.

• This product comes with 1 pack of plastic straws  and to ensure utmost hygiene, each item is carefully wrapped in paper sleeves. It's simple to take off paper sleeves.
• Standard straight size (non bendable). Ideal for consuming soda, milk, juice, water, and other beverages. Excellent for both hot and cold beverages
• Straws in the manner of a restaurant, ideal for eateries, bars, food trucks, catering, campers, community events, business and institutional use, gatherings, and every day
• Straws constructed of PLA, also known as polylactic acid, are manufactured from corn starch and are compostable. In the limited list of traditional plastic straw substitutes, PLA straws stand out for their sturdiness, compostability, and mouthfeel. Other substitutes include bamboo, paper, and stainless steel.
• Perfect for parties! In order to make it simple to access and show, place the box close to your drink station on a counter, bar, or display. Put some extra straws in your bag to use while you're out and about.


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