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Q-TIPS Cotton Swabs with 375 Cotton Swabs

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FUN FACT: The cotton swab was invented by Leo Gerstenzang in the 1920s. The story goes that Gerstenzang was inspired to create a safer way to clean his baby's ears. At the time, he was using cotton balls attached to toothpicks, but he felt there must be a more convenient and safer tool for this purpose.

Introducing Q-Tips Cotton Swabs, the go-to solution for all your precision needs. Packed with 375 swabs per pack, these versatile tools are crafted for gentle care and meticulous tasks. The soft, absorbent cotton tips and flexible sticks make them ideal for a variety of applications, ensuring you have the perfect companion for both personal and household use.
• Delicate by design, Q-Tips Cotton Swabs are your trusted ally for personal hygiene, offering a gentle touch for cleaning and drying ears with precision. The slender sticks and soft texture make them equally adept at handling makeup application and removal, adding a touch of finesse to your beauty routine.
• But these swabs aren't limited to personal care alone; they're your secret weapon for household tasks too. Perfect for navigating small and intricate spaces, Q-Tips Cotton Swabs excel at reaching places where other cleaning tools fall short. From detailing tight corners to tidying up hard-to-reach spots, these swabs redefine versatility in your everyday tasks.
The texture of the cotton ensures a soft yet durable touch, preventing fraying and guaranteeing effective application. The consistency of the swab sticks provides stability for various tasks, allowing you to maneuver effortlessly with precision. Q-Tips Cotton Swabs are more than just a product; they're a reliable and indispensable tool for the precision you seek in every task.
• From personal grooming to household detailing, these versatile tools offer a gentle touch and effective application in every use. Elevate your everyday routine with the reliable and flexible Q-Tips Cotton Swabs, your key to precision and care.
• This product was imported directly from United States!


• Soft and absorbent cotton tips
• Gentle on the skin
• Versatile and can be used for a variety of tasks
• Safe and easy to use

• 100% cotton tips
• Paper sticks
• Sustainable packaging


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