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Ricqles Peppermint Oil Cure 1.69 Oz (50 mL)

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  • Ricqles Peppermint Oil Cure 1.69 Oz (50 mL)
  • Natural fresh peppermint leaves are harvested and undergo a unique steam distillation process. Then cooled in a condenser to isolate the peppermint essential oil. Water and alcohol are added to the peppermint oil and bottled
  • On a lump of sugar, helps digestion, relieves stomach pains, combats fatigue as a stimulant
  • In a glass of water, it is a refreshing drink to sweeten the breath
  • In tea, milk, or a grog, to prevent, or help cure colds
  • Medicinally, to soothe headaches, to cool the skin as an antiseptic
  • Product of France
  • 12Q/C


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