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Inspiration Industry Pill Organizer - Pillbox with hinged lid 7 days AM/PM with Removable Compartments for Pills and Vitamins - 21 Compartment

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  Its size makes it so easy to carry

    Convenient to take it with you anywhere and everywhere

    Its picked colors made it easier for you to remember the assigned pills each day




        Stores a week of medications. You can simply organize your weekly medication dispenser at the beginning of the week and place the organizer on the counter to keep track and maintain your AM / PM medication regimen, which is great if you are traveling.

     Easy to use. The pill dispenser has a proven design to make it easier for you, especially older people, to open the medicine box

     There are separate compartments constructed of durable BPA-free molded plastic for each dose, plus it has a large capacity for multiple pill regimens.

 Dimensions: 8.2 x 4.7 x 1 inches


  Inspiration Industry

Designed with 21 Compartments, 3 compartments per day 

Morning, Evening and Noon

Essential and Easy to Pack



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