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BCL Beauty Training Moist Wrap Silicone Face Mask Cover - 挂耳式硅胶面膜罩

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  • Brand BCL Description Silicon mask to be used over the top of your existing sheet mask
  • The laundry effect makes the essence ingredient tightly adhered and the sheet mask does not fall off
  • It is made of silicon that can be used repeatedly, and it becomes a steamed mask if you use it in the bath
  • How To Use:
  1. Wear a sheet mask on hand
  2.  From above, align the product from the eye position, then align the mouth
  3. Put your ear hook on both ears
  4. Follow the operating time of your existing sheet mask, leave it for a while, remove the seat mask and this product
  5. If your ears hurt during use, stop using without impossibility
  6. When using as a steaming mask during bathing: Wear this product as it is on clean skin with makeup dropped
  7. Approximately 10 minutes to 15 minutes
  • Product of Japan


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