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Casa Nagasaki Honey Milky Flavor Green Tea 10 Packets 8.81 Oz (250 g) - 台湾CASA卡萨 长崎蜂蜜绿奶奶茶

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  • Casa Honey Green Milky Tea is an instant Japanese style milk tea from Taiwan. Also called the Nagasaki flavor, this milky flavor tea comes in a green box and holds 10 easy to prepare bags of tea. The tea uses real green tea and mixes it with honey flavors and milk to provide an easy to prepare instant milk tea. Simply pour out the contents into a cup, mix with hot water, stir, and enjoy!
  • Founded in 1989, Casa is a well-known instant coffee brand. In Spanish, "Casa" means home. The company uses "casa" as name of the brand to demonstrate meaning and how they want to bring the love and joy to customer. Casa Japanese-style tea series is the leader in the market, has become one of the most popular milk tea drinks. The instant style make easy for modern life style. Let people to enjoy a leisure moment and have a cup of great milk tea
  • Product of Taiwan
  • 12Q/C


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