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D-PLUS Hokkaido Milk Flavored Japanese Style Bread, 2.6oz (75g)

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Are you a milk and bread lover?

We have the Hokkaido Milk Flavored Bread made by D-Plus, a Thai-based Japanese bakery dedicated to providing premium bread to the world. It was started in September 2014 and has been in full operation since January 2016. With the originality of manufacturing techniques combined with innovation from Japan, which has been used for over 10 years.

• This is the original Japanese bread, which is light and fluffy and made with high-quality Hokkaido milk from Japan.
• Every bite of this cloudy wheat cake has a creamy sweet taste and a delicate texture.
• You can share it with your loved ones any time of day as a snack! 
• Definitely can layer a thick slice of this bread with butter and jam and so you can have a Japanese-style breakfast. 
• This product was imported directly from Thailand!

This specific products contains milk, egg, wheat, and soybean.

Wheat flour, Hokkaido milk flour paste (sugar, refined soybean oil, skim milk powder, starch [tapioca, corn], whole milk powder, whey protein concentrate, egg white, salt, food starch-modified, maltitol syrup, artificial flavor, gellan gum, xanthan gum, carob bean gum, pectins, sodium gluconate, potassium sorbate, mono-and diglycerides, citric acid, trisodium citrate, sodium lactate, tocopherols as antioxidant), water, shortening (palm oil, tocopherols as antioxidant), sugar, egg, yeast, whey powder, high fructose tapioca syrup, refined salt. Allergy information: milk, egg, wheat, soybean.

Please consume within 70 days after thawing. Thawing date is tagged at the retailer.

The expiration date printed is the expiration date in frozen condition.

Choose a bread that makes you feel like you are in a cloud nine!


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