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Kopiko World's No.1 Coffee Candy 4.23 Oz (120 g) - 咖啡糖

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  • The Kopiko Coffee Candy will make coffee lovers rejoice
  • This product will delight your senses and taste buds
  • These bite sized Kopiko candies are the world's number-one selling coffee candy.
  • They're wrapped individually and will satisfy your coffee cravings. Use this pack to keep a supply of your favorite coffee flavored candies on hand in your bedroom, kitchen or office.
  • These Kopiko Coffee Candies have the authentic aromatic taste and smell of your morning cup of joe.
  • They come in a 4.23 oz bag and are made with the finest coffee bean extract from Java's fertile soil. Serve Kopiko Coffee Candy as an after dinner treat or keep them on hand at home or the office for a sweet treat in the middle of the day
  • Product of Indonesia
  • 24Q/C


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