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NIVEA Extra Bright Firm & Smooth Body Lotion SPF (380mL)

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BRAND CHECK: Nivea's goal is to provide consumers with high-quality skincare products that are effective and affordable. They want to help people achieve their best skin, no matter their skin type or budget.

Introducing Nivea's Extra Bright Firm & Smooth Body Lotion SPF, a skincare marvel packed with goodness for your radiant journey. Each 380-milliliter bottle holds the key to nourished, protected, and irresistibly smooth skin, making it a daily essential for your beauty routine.
• Unlock the magic of this multi-functional body lotion, your skin's new best friend. Beyond the everyday moisturization, it's your go-to for promoting firmness and a velvety texture. What's more? The added SPF ensures your skin stays shielded from the sun's rays, making it a versatile powerhouse for all your skincare needs.
• Feel the luxurious texture and consistency of Nivea's Extra Bright Firm & Smooth Body Lotion as it glides seamlessly onto your skin. Its rich and creamy formula absorbs quickly, leaving no greasy residue behind. With every application, indulge in a pampering experience that keeps your skin feeling supple and revitalized.
• At its core, this body lotion is a skincare superhero. Not only does it provide intense moisture, but it also contributes to the firmness of your skin, elevating your natural glow. The added SPF protection is like a guardian angel, preventing premature aging and ensuring your complexion stays bright and beautiful.
Nivea's Extra Bright Firm & Smooth Body Lotion SPF is more than skincare; it's a daily ritual of self-love. Embrace the nourishing care of Nivea and let your skin bask in the glow of its newfound vitality. Elevate your beauty routine with the skincare wonders of Nivea.
• This product was imported directly from Thailand!


• Evens out skin tone and brightens complexion
• Firms and smooths skin
• Protects skin from the sun's harmful UV rays
• Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, and radiant


• SPF 30 to protect against UVA and UVB rays
• Deep White Essence to brighten skin tone
• Q10 to firm and smooth skin
• Hydra IQ technology to moisturize skin for up to 48 hours


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