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ORION Turtle Chips Sweet Corn Flavor 5.65 Oz (160 g)

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  • ORION Turtle Chips Sweet Corn Flavor 5.65 Oz (160 g)

    Product of Korea

    Indulge in the deliciously crispy and flavorful ORION Turtle Chips Sweet Corn Flavor. Made with premium quality ingredients, these chips are a product of South Korea and come in a convenient 5.65 oz (160 g) pack.

    Featuring the signature turtle shape, these chips are made from wheat flour pellets that have been seasoned with truffle salt and cream onion seasoning for a rich, savory taste.

    These ORION Turtle Chips are cooked to crispy perfection using vegetable oil to ensure that every bite is satisfyingly crunchy.

    • This pack of ORION Turtle Chips Sweet Corn Flavor is perfect for snacking on-the-go or sharing with friends at parties.
    • The truffle salt seasoning adds an extra layer of depth to the classic sweet corn flavor.

    Indulge in this tasty snack anytime, anywhere - at home or on-the-go!



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