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PAON Seven-Eight Hair Color #6 Dark Brown

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  • PAON Seven-Eight Hair Color #6 Dark Brown
  • #6 Dark Brown 
  • Paon Hair Colour Cream takes only 7-8 minutes to colour hair
  • Provides a soft silky, natural looking finish
  • Dark Brown covers heavy graying
  • No mixing involved
  • No strong ammonia smell
  • Easy and economical (use only desired amount)
  • Product of Thailand


  • Squeeze the same amount of cream from tube #1 and tube #2 onto the brush.
  • Apply cream to hair from the grayest areas.
  • Use the small brush on the roots for optimum results.
  • Rinse hair thoroughly with warm water until it runs clear then shampoo well.
  • 6Q/C


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