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Royal King Red Panax Ginseng Extract Ultra Strength 30 Bottles 10.5 FL Oz - 皇牌 人参精 10.5FL Oz

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  • Dietary Supplement
  • Extra Strength 6000mg
  • New Punch-Through Cap
  • Premium 12 years old Red Ginseng Roots
  • Of all the herbs in the world, Chinese Red Panax Ginseng, the root of Araliaceae, grown on the Changpai Mountain in China, has been regarded y the Asians for over 2,000 years to be the most valuable herb in the world
  • Royal King brings you this supreme quality product.
  • We guarantee that only the highest quality ingredients are used
  • It is made with the traditional low heat process to preserve the natural precious components
  • Product of China


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