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TRADITION Jasmine Green Tea 50 Sachets 3.5 Oz (100 g) - 世家茉香绿茶

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  • Tradition's Jasmine Tea, is tea flavored with jasmine flowers. Typically, jasmine tea is made from jasmine flowers with green tea. The jasmine flowers are harvested and scented with the tea either by mixing the actual flower buds with the tea, or etherizing the flowers' aroma between two trays. If you enjoy the flavor of jasmine flowers, you will love this tea!
  • To enjoy this tea, simply steep in hot water and let it steep until the desired strength is acquired. Then, sip to enjoy.
  • Tradition tea is a sub brand of Good Young Ltd, a famous fifth generation Taiwanese tea processing company which inherited decades of tea processing knowledge and culture.
  • Product of Taiwan


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