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Zojirushi Stainless Insulated Tumbler 15 Oz Cup

$ 38.99
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  • Heat retention: 180°f @ 1 hr. Cold retention: 45°F @ 1 hr.
  • Stainless steel vacuum insulation minimizes heat transfer to keep exterior from getting hot, and minimizes condensation
  • Removable stainless steel mesh tea leaf strainer for direct brewing and sipping; can be used with or without tea strainer
  • Twist & seal Spill-Resistant Lid that disassembles for thorough cleaning
  • Made of BPA-free plastic and stainless steel
  • Included Components: Stainless Tumbler and Lid
  • Cozy up. Pour yourself a beverage and cozy up. 
  • Keep hot drinks steamy and cold drinks steamy and cold drinks icy while you relax
  • Zojirushi vacuum insulation is amazingly good, and we will prove it every time you take a drink.
  • Product of Thailand


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